We can help you get your rig back on the road!

We have a fully equipped workshop with all of the latest tools and the knowledge to back them up. We can fix anything from an inner tube to a full rebuild of your pride and joy. And offer a free 1st service on all of our new bikes sold. Also with our easy service pricing guide we can get your bike sorted and you back in the saddle!

Quick Tune $35

An adjustment of brakes and gears making sure the bike is safe.

Silver Service $75

Part service plus truing of wheels, removal of bottom bracket, complete check over and tighten.

Gold Service $150

Full stripdown, the bike gets the full treatment including hubs.

Other Services

  • Puncture repair from $10 (plus tube)
  • Wheel True  $25
  • Wheel build  $40
  • Hydro brake bleed $35 per end including fluid
  • Fork service $POA – (We are an Accredited Rockshox Service Agent).
  • Bike pack up for travel $35
  • Assemble department store bike $50
Day Spa Melbourne From BD

Day Spa Melbourne From BD

Day Spa Melbourne From BD

Spa visits have the ability to give you complete peace of mind by offering tranquility and serenity. Whether you are looking to go to a day spa Melbourne for a facial, a scrub, or a massage, day spas have all of these services plus more to offer clients. Visiting a day spa Melbourne is an experience that every woman should have the opportunity to enjoy every so often to help wind down from the everyday stresses of life. 

If you are planning to visit a day spa Melbourne from body freedom urban day spa, you do not have to worry about receiving personalized treatment. Many day spas have the ability to not only offer incredible services that help you de-stress, but also offer personalized services that cater to your particular wants and needs. 

Many day spa Melbourne services come in a wide variety of lengths. Spa treatment lengths can start at a time of as little as 60 minutes and range for as long as up to a complete day. These different time windows allow day spa clients to truly personalize their services and not have to worry about whether they have enough time to fit the spa treatment into their day or not. 

Visiting a day spa Melbourne is a truly unique experience that helps everyday stresses be forgotten for a while. Whether an individual is looking to de-stress with a massage, or work on their beauty with a service such as a scrub or facial, day spas offer these types of services plus many more.